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In South Africa, young people face a significant barrier to employment due to a lack of education and experience. The limited accessibility and affordability of education perpetuate a cycle where a large portion of the youth cannot attain the necessary qualifications for the job market. The prevailing scarcity of job opportunities exacerbates the problem, creating a highly competitive environment where inexperienced candidates struggle to secure meaningful employment. This situation leaves them trapped in a challenging situation with little hope for professional growth and financial stability.

This situation worsens as the rapidly changing job market demands increasingly specialized skills and experiences. Without access to relevant training and opportunities, young people find it difficult to keep pace with evolving industry requirements. South Africa's economic fragility exacerbates the problem, causing job instability and forcing individuals into precarious employment situations, inhibiting financial stability and hampering the ability to invest in education or professional development.

our solution

Be The Salt & Light aims to address these critical challenges through our comprehensive job readiness program tailored to the unique circumstances of South African youth. By focusing on skills development, mentorship, and practical experience, we empower and illuminate young individuals to bridge the education and experience gap. As your Success Partner, we provide training in areas relevant to the evolving job market, equipping participants with the skills and knowledge required to compete effectively.

Additionally, we facilitate networking opportunities, connecting them with professionals and organizations to expand their professional circles. Through this holistic approach, we enable young people to enhance their employability, gain practical experience, and cultivate robust professional networking, ultimately breaking the cycle of unemployment and empowering them to contribute meaningfully to their communities and the nation's economy.


Access to a Comprehensive Program

Our tailored program covers all the essential skills, knowledge, and experiences you need to excel in the professional world.

Integrated Volunteer Experience

Develop skills, expand your network, and build valuable references through real-world experiences while you give back to the community.

Personalized Coaching

Receive one-on-one coaching and guidance from experts who are dedicated to your success.

Acquire Life-Long Skills

Acquire the skills and knowledge that will serve you throughout your career journey.


Comprehensive Job Readiness Program

Industry-Relevant Training

Expert Support & Mentorship

Enhanced Employability

Engagement with Valuable References

Integrated Volunteer Experiences

Personalized Coaching

Personalized Career Guidance

Network Expansion Opportunities

Real-World Experiences

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Click the “Book Now” button above, and follow the prompts to set up a meeting. Upon completion, a member of our team will contact you regarding the job readiness program and discuss the way forward.

You will need to complete a FREE Consultation Session with one of our team members. They will communicate the way forward during your consultation.

Yes, the program costs R600 per month per student. The benefits of this cost include access to 8 Soft Skills Training Workshops, 4 Accredited Training Courses, participation in two award ceremonies, and 12 months of volunteer opportunities, providing valuable personal and professional development.

The program is currently offered in the Garden Route District of the Western Cape, South Africa. The district includes Mossel Bay, George, Knysna, Oudtshoorn, and Wilderness, among others.

Any person wanting to enhance their employability, gain meaningful education and/or experience, connect with a professional network, and make a meaningful impact in their communities.

The job readiness program combined industry-relevant training, integrated volunteer experiences, personalized coaching, career guidance, and expert mentorship to boost your employability, allow you to stand out from the crowd, and land a dream job. The course is tailored to your situation, therefore, the duration will be discussed with you during a consultation session.

The Management Team of Be The Salt & Light have extensive experience in job readiness training, facilitating volunteer experiences, coaching, career guidance, and mentoring. We understand the needs of both employers and job seekers, and are dedicated to enable success for both parties.

Our website can be used to learn more about Be The Salt & Light. Alternatively, you can send an email and our friendly team will contact you within 24 – 48 hours.

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