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Educate the youth in 2024

Be The Salt and Light for Change by sponsoring the skills and professional development, mentorship, volunteer experiences, and career readiness of a young person for twelve (12) months


of unemployed people in South Africa have never held a job before. Furthermore, three-quarters of all unemployed persons are younger than 35 years (Baker, 2007)*.

Our Mission

Our mission is to address this critical challenge through our Comprehensive Job Readiness Program tailored to the unique circumstances of South Africa.

The program focuses on skills development, mentorship, and practical experience to bridge the skills, education, and experience gap.

The 12-month program includes eight (8) non-accredited and four (4) accredited self-development modules, volunteer placement opportunities to gain industry-relevant skills, and mentorship from seasoned professionals.

Our aim is to equip career-ready individuals that have the skills, education, and experience needed to compete in the current job market.

Our Gift to You

We believe in the power of collective action. Every donation helps transform not only the lives of unemployed youth, but drive sustainable development in impoverished communities.

Your tax-deductible gift enables you to:

  • Track donations to see the direct impact of your donation on the community.
  • Gain access to Quarterly Reports to monitor  the progress of people they invest in.
  • Gain access to exclusive and life-changing Award Ceremonies.
  • Gain access to  the broader impact that the organization’s volunteers are making in the wider community.
  • Corporations gain additional incentives in the form of a Section 18A, which can be beneficial for tax purposes.
  • Corporations can gain access to exclusive brand awareness opportunities.

What You Can Do

You can support us by making a direct donation of any amount into our bank account:

Be The Salt And Light NPC

Capitec Bank

Account Number:   1051549086

Account Type:   Current Account

Branch Code:   450105



Schedule a call with us to discuss further donation opportunities, or for additional information on how you can support us.


* Baker, F.S. (2007) The South African labour market. 5th edn. Pretoria: Van Schaik Publishers.

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